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Sixteen Alpha

16 Alpha Fund

Sixteen Alpha is a fund that is expected to operate as an AIF Category 3 by the Summer of 2024. 16 Alpha’s investment strategy focuses on automated, data-driven stock selection and portfolio construction. It emphasizes the importance of company fundamentals over macroeconomic trends and market fluctuations. The strategy aims to beat traditional indices by selecting the best companies based on their financial health, profitability, growth prospects, and risk profile. The approach involves selecting a diversified portfolio of stocks to increase the odds of capturing high-performing companies and to solve liquidity issues in small and microcap companies. The strategy has shown to provide higher returns and lower risk compared to traditional indices over the last 20 years.

Pushan Jain

Founder, Pushan Jain

"My journey with public equities began in my early teens, fueled by an interest in Value Investing principles from Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett. After graduating from Vasant Valley School (New Delhi) and NYU Stern with a Finance major, I soaked up knowledge from renowned professors like Aswath Damodaran. I further expanded my expertise in valuation and business with a Master’s in Real Estate Development from NYU. 

While navigating investing paths, I discovered the power of low-cost index funds for long-term wealth creation. They offer market-mimicking returns with minimized risk, simplifying growth by passively holding top companies and betting on national progress.


However, I believe there's room for improvement. At 16 Alpha Technologies, we offer a twist: we curate indexes comprising the top companies based on a unique blend of value and growth, not just market cap. This allows for strategic portfolio selection while delivering enhanced value compared to traditional market-cap-based indexes."

- Pushan Jain 

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